İnsan Krallığı (Human Kingdom) is the first album compiled by Lil Marslı (Martian) in the UK. The songs which were written/composed/arranged by him, formed as they are by the ideas and the experience he had. The name he adopted is the result of having a lifestyle out of ordinary, and he reflected this discrepancy to the songs. On the contrary, he wanted to show that everyone can actually feel similar and relate the songs to themselves.

Lil Marslı got the idea of an album around 2009-10 when he was about to leave to London to develop himself in music and other areas of his interest but his workload only permitted him to take concrete steps in 2013-14, and he spent 2015 in studios with recording in his spare time.


Some of the songs of the album are reflections on relationships highlighting how partners project different self-images to each other. Apart from the song “İçimdeki Ben”, which stands out among the others and tells about three psychological struggling inner stages of oneself, the rest are essays on Lil Marslı’s observed relations and interactions between partners, friends and the outer world. The preference of the wide use of piano and string instruments over electronic sounds adds a classical flavour. Another distinction of the album is the abstract approach to the lyrics, which is a sharp contrast to the usual realist materialist wording of Rap music. Nevertheless, his vocal style is tough and serious which is found in the origins of this genre.

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